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Mandarin Chinese With Friends Set 1: 10 Chinese Reading Books for Kids, and Beginners

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Introduce your child to the Chinese language and culture with Mandarin Chinese With Friends Set 1 -a reading series of 10 Chinese children's books. Each book features fun stories, simple phrases, and beautiful illustrations, perfect for children ages 3-7. The vocabulary is carefully selected based on HSK standards and repetition of keywords and phrases makes learning easy. The online audio provides clear pronunciation for each word and phrase. Great for parents and educators seeking extra reading materials. Order now and watch your child fall in love with the Chinese language!


Inside the box you’ll find:

  • 10 easy-to-hold books for little hands (size: 5” x 5.5”)

  • Fun stories with simple phrases to aid in vocabulary retention 

  • Beautiful Illustrations & Vocabulary repetition keep your child engage in learning, and making learning challenging Chinese characters much easier to remember

  • Online audio provides clear pronunciation to read along

  • New vocabulary chart comes with Pinyin & English translation to help you learn HSK standardized words

  • Book sets available in both Simplified and Traditional Chinese

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