Penyo Learning:

Mandarin Chinese With Friends

A beginner-level Chinese reading series for children aged 3-7. Each of our books is filled with beautiful illustrations, effective vocabulary repetitions, and simple phrases that make learning Chinese

simple, easy and fun.

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Our Mission

Instilling the love of learning, making Chinese simple, easy, and fun!

Why Mandarin Chinese With Friends?

  • HSK Standardized

    All vocabulary used in our reading series are HSK standardized, making it the perfect head start to fluency in Chinese for any young student.

    "HSK" stands for Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi, which is equivalent to the Chinese Level Test in the US.

  • Extremely Effective

    Our reading series has been adapted to fit the needs of young readers, filling in the educational gaps that are commonly seen in outdated traditional Chinese learning methods.

  • Vocabulary Retention

    By pairing beautiful illustrations with consistent vocabulary repetitions,
    our reading series makes difficult Chinese characters much easier to remember.

Mother-Daughter Duo

It all started when my daughter, Jessie, and I chit-chatted about a Chinese course she was taking three years ago. We looked through a few Chinese textbooks and tried to figure out the best way to learn Chinese.

Little did I know, we were about to develop a Chinese learning series that will instill the love of learning, and make learning Chinese simple, easy, and fun. 

After spending hours searching for textbooks and materials in the market, we began to develop our own learning series. We believe learning Chinese should be exciting and enjoyable.

Thus, Penyo Learning was born. 

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What our readers say about us ...

She Loves the books. And has been reading it almost every day. She keeps the set in her bed.

Can I read MORE, please?

The books made learning Chinese very easy. I have started teaching my mom Chinese using them!

What a great series! I love the thought and design put into creating these. We are a homeschool family who's previously done a Spanish language curriculum; however, this series, teaching Mandarin, is so much easier for kids to use. My daughter immediately started recognizing some of the individual characters and was putting two together for simple phrases such as good boy, etc. The QR code on each book is such a wonderful idea! It is easy to scan and hear how to pronounce each word. So helpful!!

Sergey Gritsiv

We bought these on the Kickstarter launch. What a great idea to capture learning new languages while our kids are so young. Great illustrations, simple phrases and easy enough for the little ones.

Mother of four!!!!

We are now on book 7! Yay!

Dou Dou Books are an incredible series of Chinese language learning books designed specifically for children aged 3-7 years-old. Created by mother-daughter duo Stella Beaver and Jessie Beaver, these books raised almost $18,000 on Kickstarter.

Overall, Penyo Learning Reading Series (previously known as Dou Dou Books) are an excellent resource for children who are just beginning to learn Mandarin Chinese. With engaging illustrations, fun stories, and a focus on building vocabulary, these books are a valuable tool for parents and educators alike.

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