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Chinese Zodiac Fun Pack (Montessori Style)

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This package is designed with the Montessori method in mind, so the students can do most of these activities themselves. It contains up to 6 ready-to-use activities. All you need to do is to print them out and cut them. There are 2 cheat sheets to help you with pronouncing Chinese numerals and the names of Zodiac animals. It is a fun and exciting way to introduce Chinese culture to young children during the Chinese New Year and International Night Celebrations.


**This Chinese Zodiac Fun Pack include:

1 -Chinese Zodiac Animals Poster. (#1 & 2)

1 -Chinese Zodiac Animals Poster With Animals Names in English, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, winner Number, and in Chinese Number Characters. 

2 sets--Chinese Zodiac Animals Names Cut-Out in Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Chinese Number Characters, and English.  

1 Teacher Cheat Sheet--- Chinese Numbers With Pinyin, and Chinese Zodiac Animals Names in Traditional and Simplified side by side with Pinyin.