Meet The Creators


Stella Beaver

Miss Stella has been teaching for more than 20 years. She graduated from Oglethorpe University with a B.A. in Early Childhood Education and teaching certification in K-5, ESOL, and Middle School Math.

Throughout the years, she has based her teaching methods on one core belief: learning should be fun, exciting, and last throughout the student's lifetime.

As an accomplished teacher, a homeschool mom, and a native Chinese speaker, Miss Stella noticed significant gaps when it came to children learning Mandarin Chinese. Even in the top Montessori and Language Immersion schools, with a boring, outdated curriculum, she noticed that students struggled to maintain their interest in learning the language.

Using her own method to reinvent the way Chinese is taught, Miss Stella saw phenomenal results from her students, including a reignited excitement for learning. Her newfound mission is to bring that same excitement to other children across the country.


Jessie Beaver

Jessie is a talented young artist. She has taken the lead as the creative director for the Penyo Learning brand, designing the logo, illustrating the books, and designing all other products. Using her unique imagination and creativity, she has singlehandedly brought the characters of Mandarin Chinese With Friends reading series to life, masterfully weaving in oodles of personality and humor into each book.

She is currently pursuing her B.A. in Animation at Kennesaw State University.