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Cards Pack: Mandarin Chinese With Friends Set 1

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This pack of cards contains 32 vocabulary words taken from the first set of the Mandarin Chinese With Friends reading series. It has been an all-time favorite among my students. These sets of cards will allow you to play at least 7 simple games: Scavenger Hunt, Beanbag Toss, Flashcard Jump, I Spy, Slap It, Go Fish, and Memory Match. We hope your child or student will enjoy it as much as mine did!

The physical set of cards includes 2 sets, totaling 128 cards: 64 vocabulary cards and their Pinyin counterparts.

The Digital Download contains 64 cards in total. Please ensure you print 2 sets of them to play all the described games above.

*These packs are available in Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and Digital Download.*

*We are in the process of rebranding. Some of our products may feature original designs and images.*

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